Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Few Satisfied Customers

Just a quick post on the stockings. we are finally under 30 a day, so we are allowed to do other things than eat, sleep and sew. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures some of our customers have sent us. Cheryl is afraid that this will bring about a wave of custom orders, but I thought that these stockings are pretty much our stock offerings. I guess she has an entire file of people who send us pictures of their babies or dogs with the stockings.. I’ll have to look them up and post them later.

 In the meant time, I’m enjoying a Toppling Goliath Beer named Dorothy. it’s good….and effecting me much more than normal. Probably because it is late and I have had nothing to eat all day since 10 am. Well…to paraphrase Napoleon: Beer. In Victory…you have earned it….In defeat….you NEED it. Luckily…we are celebrating a minor victory….with stockings back to a handle-able level. ( Not sure if that is a word, as Spell check can’t seem to figure it out.) Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. Enjoy!

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