Monday, December 14, 2015

Stockings Winding Down, and a Group of Whitetail Bucks

How I am feeling about Stockings....
As the stockings seem to be slowing down,  I’m grateful!   Because I’m beginning to crack under the zaniness of the last minute shopper.   This morning,  just when you think you will be able to face another full day of sewing,  a customer messages us that she “just discovered” that her package was delivered 7 days ago!
Dachshund stockings are very popular
 Key words here:    The package was delivered…..  I guess she did not receive it?   And “7 days ago”  Meaning….back when there was a chance that we could have done something about it….she had not looked at the tracking number or her mailbox…from the sound of it.  Now, with less than 2 weeks before Christmas,   she needs it replaced…..   She doesn’t want to BUY another one, or try to find the one that was delivered….she wants us to make a new one…and she hopes we have insurance….even thought she ordered first class shipping.   ( no insurance with first class)  So yeah….it’s kind of like that.  
With three colors to choose from!

Granted,   Many many more of our sales are fine.   You don’t reflect on the “good customer”   who orders their stuff and waits for it to arrive,  watching the tracking number instead of harassing us for the US mail services delivery times.   Good customers are simply that.   They do what they are supposed to .  And every now and then a “really really good” customer will notify u how satisfied they are with their stockings, or send us a picture of their dogs.   Those are rare, but always appreciated.  And sometimes we really need those types to pop up to offset the “special” customers who forget to look for their mail.
How I feel about customer service!

Ok,  so you probably have figured out with all this venting, that I’m at the end of my mental endurance here.   Good businesses keep all that dirty laundry hidden until after the holidays.   ( or forever!)   But my filters are gone.   What can I say?   Besides,  the Blog is my means of Therapy.

Three Bucks crossed the road right in front of us!
Other than that,  one positive note is that we saw three whitetail  bucks cross the road right in front of us today!  I have never seen that many deer in one group before.    They were not as big as the previous ones, ( 0nly about 8 points each on these  “little” guys!)  but they were all clustered together with a couple of does.   I guess that here in Iowa,  Deer Drives are common.
Seeing a deer jump a fence is quite the spectacle
   For those not in the know,  a deer drive is where a group of hunters walk through the woods and spook the deer towards the hunters sitting on the other end of the field/woods.   It was obvious as we saw a hunter sitting in the middle of a soybean field after we let the deer cross the road.  I’m not sure he even saw the deer as they must have detected him and decided it would be safer to cross the road instead of relying on the hunters bad aim.
These were "small" 8 pointers...
 We slowed down for them,  I was not about to let Subie get damaged by a stampede of raging whitetail.  The guy coming from the opposite direction never slowed, but luckily, the deer managed to jump the two fences before he could be much of a threat.
I find myself rooting for the deer lately.   I'm not sure why.   Guess I am a recovering hunter who never really had the "killer" instinct.   Or I just grew out of it.  Anyway,   It does not look like the deer populations are as large here in Iowa as they were back in Michigan.   But the deer themselves are larger.   It's a treat being able to see these mythical deer in the flesh.   The ones you see gracing the covers of Field and Stream, but never actually see in the wild...  Hope we can continue to see them, as I'm pretty sure Iowa's hunting season is coming to a close...and is not very long to begin with.  Hope everyone else is surviving the holidays.    I guess we have entered the 12 days of Christmas the count down has begun.

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