Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Reason for All The Custom Requests...

So I did the ultimate taboo today at Allenbrite....I read the feed back.   Cheryl still has flash backs to when we were doing the Oak And Chisel.  Most of that feed back was very traumatic and Cheryl still suffers from PTSD.   So...as a Rule....she refuses to read the feedback.
However,  I'm a glutton for punishment and simply LOVE it when people hate my stuff and leave me the most negative of negative feed back allowed by decency standards.  So....

I stumbled upon a few things I thought were blog worthy.   Basically...pictures.  Here ya go!

Is that a collar or is he smiling?

Blue eyed gray and white cat?   Awesome!


Bella is "little Girl" in Italian ...I think.....

I personally LOVE Yoda here!


So there ya go!   Cheryl still refuses to read the feedback as she is VERY sensitive to anything that could even remotely be perceived as negative.   Some people think they are "helping" with constructive Criticism...but we ALL know better.
   I decided to leave th epictures large since Blogger and Windows Live Writer are not on speaking terms...AGAIN!    I can't post any of my windows live writer stuff....I'm not sure what patch messed things up this time...But I'm assuming other people are feeling the same complaint.
And I happen to be drinking beer after a VERY long day of 32 stockings.    Seriously...Only two days left!   We are running out of supplies and MOJO.   Cheryl announced she was going to quit SEVERAL times today.  AND...instead of being the rock of encouragement....I did not even attempt to talk her out of it.  So  yeah....Kind of at the end of our limits here.
Hope everyone enjoys the pictures....and is having a great week so far.  
BTW the Beer is working it's magic!   I had to repost this posting several times as I apparently had misspelled every other word!    YEAH MEDICATION!      Ok,  It was only one beer, but I have not had anything to eat all day and it is well past 7 PM at the moment.    I guess alcohol is good for creativity.   Perhaps only for the person under the influence.   Everyone else think you are just inebriated.    Goodness!  I can't even spell that word without Spell check.     Probably Best if I sign off now.

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