Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Sewing Finish. With Boulevard Beer And Michigan State Win!

Ending the ay with Beer  Well,  for the day anyway.    And what better way to celebrate  after a hard day of sewing stockings…...than with an ice cold beer?   This is a Boulevard Wheat Beer…Boulevard-Brewing-Co   Not Honey Brown,  but pretty darn good just the same.   I like wheat beers.   They are really a perfect summer beer with a clean finish and refreshing flavor.   They are usually of a weaker alcohol content so you don’t get too light headed after one.  Wheat and yeast....very smooth and clean finish.  I am also kind of fond of that Yeasty flavor that most of them have.     But I digress…
Stockings!   We finished another round of 30…leaving only 14 open orders on the table.     I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel….but who knows how many more sales will trickle in tonight.  Hopefully at least a few more.   Cheryl answering questions.   Not many for a SundayI know I complain when we have a huge mountain in front of us…but I don’t want it to be completely gone just yet.   Ah well….No wonder God has trouble answering prayers.   Even we Humans don’t really know what we want.  30 stockings.   Might not look like much when they are piled up like that...
So we skipped the race today,  and I actually don’t feel too badly about it.    We were able to finish up the stockings earlier than expected….And we even got a fruit basket Christmas gift from the Landlords!   Land Lord Fruit Basket... So…over all….not a bad day.  Perhaps we may even got a little bit of recharge time tonight since the questions in the Etsy shop do not look that complicated. 
Michigan_State vs Iowa Hopefully everyone is having a pretty good Sunday as well.   You may not have heard yet,  but MICHIGAN STATE beat  IOWA yesterday.    Cheryl told me to try to keep my excitement contained.    Michigan State was 10-1   ( ranked 5th) and Iowa was 11-0  (ranked 4th)  Michigan won by only three I guess.   The game was …kind of a big deal.  Now,  I’m not really a Michigan State fan….Nor do I technically hate the Hawkeyes. Michigan State Victory!   But…when Two TITANS square off and I have to choose sides….I’m going with the school I attended.  
Ok,  I love Michigan State…I love em because they are usually the underdog and when they pull off a huge win…it’s usually done with a flair that is uniquely Michigan State.   It kind of reminds me of our High School Football team.   Final drive,  Running back reaches across the goal line We were ranked 9th for most of the playoffs until we finally won the State Championship!  Michigan State trailed the Hawkeyes until the last drive of the game.   They relentlessly and methodically inched their way to the goal line until they were ahead 16-13 with 37 seconds left on the clock.   Not enough time for the Hawks to come back.  
Close games can be boring….or exciting…..I personally like shooting matches where both teams score a lot.   But it sounds like the defenses had this game to brag about.  Normally I only care that Michigan State Beats University of Michigan.    I dislike the wolverines….  But now that I live in Iowa…and see the fan base here…..I kind of enjoy my old Alma Mater taking them down a peg or two.   ( Actually, Iowa dropped to 6th after that game.   “yeah!” )   Stagg Call me a “spoiler!” 
I wish the Spartans the best….I doubt I will watch or follow any more games, but it sounds like they actually have a decent team this year.   Oh,  And thanks for not losing to the Hawks.    

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