Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Playing Catch-Up at Allenbrite Studio

How we feel right nowYet another day of over 30 stockings.    We now know better than to tackle much more than that at any given time.  Basically,  30-35 are around a full days work.  Yesterday we finished and shipped out 37, but ended up working very late.   Cheryl printing orders and packing things upAs it is now,  we are finishing up and it is almost 7 P.M.    I guess we will be grateful come spring time,  but now it seems all we can do to keep from falling farther behind.

Had the Embroidery Machine not broke, we may only be about half a day behind instead of a full day.   Even then,  it probably would not have made much of a difference in the overall big picture.  We still went to Michigan during the Thanksgiving rush. Tomorrow's Materials already cut and prepared I just might have been less stressed about the embroidery and names at the time.   See!  Worrying gets you no where…..  If only you could tell your mind to believe that….then things would be so much better. 31 stockings!   Lots of red ones!

As for several full days of sewing and filling orders…the stress is piling up a bit.    The Stress drives us a little loopy We find ourselves grumped out over the tiniest of things. I guess it is the nature of the beast.   Perhaps that is why CEO’s always look grumpy.    There are things you can control,  and things you can not.   The problem is you can’t tell the difference half the time.  And you usually guess wrong.   Ah well,   such is the Human struggle.

Still doing Glitter names.   But the Embroidery Machine helps out a lot!We got a shipment of Felt today,  so that is kind of good news.   And We are finishing up almost all of Sundays orders….so only about a day behind.   Other than that,  I guess just fatigue and insomnia are the words of the day.  Cheryl still has not been running….And the weather keeps getting colder.   It even snowed a touch today.   Nothing stuck, because the temps were around 35 pretty much all afternoon.  But the threat is always thereOne package down.....30 more to go!.

So…things to look forward to…..Jingle Bell Run!   I think it is next weekend.   Cheryl hopes to be cured by then.   race5380-logo.bsvdlXIs “cured” the right word?   Sounds like a ham….   Perhaps fixed?   Or recovered.   Recovered sounds more professional and college graduate-ie.  And less like a car in for Repair.    Who knows?   Who cares?   Even my blog is beginning to suffer.   Guess it is time to crack open a Honey Brown and try to undo all the damage that coffee has been doing.   How business is really run... And Leg Injuries....     

Oh,  I should probably mention the Trail was cancelled!   I was really feeling stressed about that one.    I really did not need any more distractions to cause us to fall behind any more. santa-run   I will be VERY happy when  this Jury Duty things is over.   I really do not want to stand in Judgment over someone.   Especially when my head is clouded with things like Machines breaking,  Shipments lost,  material shortages, orders canceled.  Etc.  Better to think about a festive run where people can dress up how they want to celebrate the Holidays.   Can’t wait to see Cheryl in those  Rudolph  Antlers!

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