Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another Day at the Allenbrite Studio

Inspection before final sewing. What day is it anyway?   Wednesday?  Where des the time go?    Oh!  Right,  Cheryl inside outs the stockings. We finished 37 stockings this evening and it is after 8 P.M.   What a difference 7 stockings make.   Some of them did not even need to be cut out.  

Ah well,   Just wanted to log in the 37 number for future reference.   We are “almost” caught up….  In fact, we may even have some of today's orders on tomorrows list!  We finally finished up Mondays orders today…..Confused?   We are!    I’m not sure even what day it is.   I thought yesterday was Thursday….Not today is Wednesday and it does not seem like it. Cheryl sewing on the ribbon loops

Our customers are getting a little more antsy as well.   Whether they spam us their orders,  double order…then cancel one of them….but won’t tell us which one they canceled.  Time to pack things upOr just keep replying “did you get my message?”   over and over again.   Cheryl just informed me that we have 44 more stockings in the queue.   That means it is “possible” that we could be totally caught up by tomorrow.   But given that 37 stockings ( several of them already made, just needing finishing) kicked our tails  ( I’m refraining from using harsher language here,  meaning I have a little bit of sanity left)   I’m doubting that we will be completely caught up until Friday.   Which is not too bad actually. 

I don’t want sales to slow down,  as crazy as that may sound at the moment.  I’m sure we will continue to sell a few over the evening.   The weekends tend to be the gold rush days.   if we can just make it to then, I’m sure we will be able to recover a little more. 

So that is all.   37 stockings….44 left in the Queue,   and Cheryl has a run on Sunday..    Time for Beer and bath….and Prepare for Tomorrow. 

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