Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Cheryl's last minute touches
Today marks the last full day for Orders from our tiny little Etsy shop.   Tomorrow, we will vacation it so we can recover what is left of our health; both Physical AND mental.  I know we could stay open a few extra days, but... at this point,  the money would not be worth the drain on our mental health.   And seriously,   who can put a price on sanity?   Rich people pay big bucks to tell all of their problems to a Therapist.  We do not have deep pockets,  so we have to cut corners,  or limit our sanity drain.
Ready to be packed up.
So,  we still have a couple of custom orders to make before the shop closes...( probably around noon the event anyone squeeks a last minute order in.   And then we are FREE!

Popular View
I have a mental picture of Santa's Elves after Christmas is over.   I imagine the "Popular View"  is that the Elves, with HUGE smiles on their faces, are feverishly thinking about next year and how they can make next Christmas "Even Better!"

My View!
But I'd like to think that the Elves are totally spent after a hectic month of making toys for all the kids in the world.

At least we have not gone this far...
Then there is the image of them just being disgruntled.   I can actually relate to this somewhat.   Cheryl has had her well as I have....but nothing too serious.

Perhaps there is a way to channel all that pent up rage and anger over the Holidays...with a 5 K run!   Who would have thought that there were enough angry elves out there to set up a run.   Perhaps we will have to look into this.
As for now,   I'm looking forward to unwinding and playing my game.   Don't Starve can be a pleasant way to keep the mind occupied and not have to actually do anything Physical.

Elf  Recommended!  
Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far.  Beer helps in most cases....And I would always recommend Honey Brown.    Mmmmmm.  Honey Brown. Packed with all the Protein and vitamins a person needs to run an Etsy shop AND survive the Holidays....
I guess this is somewhat better than angry...

And remember to ALWAYS drink responsibly....even if you DID just survive another Christmas.  

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