Sunday, December 27, 2015

After Christmas Walks..Hopefully NOT to a fridge.

What we do...  only without the snow. 
Merry Christmas Everyone!  I probably should have said that a couple of days ago....ah well....better late than ever.   Besides,  we were busy doing absolutely nothing on those taking the time to blog about nothing seems like a waste of time.  And who wants to waste their valuable nothing time anyway?
Cheryl finally fixing her running self.

But being bored and lonely have their limits.   So,  to break up the routine, we have been going out for long-ish walks through Coralville.   The usual place where Cheryl runs...only at a much slower pace.  

The good news is that Cheryl can finally complete a round trip without hurting herself further in the buttock area. ( about 3 full mles of walking)   I guess the hamstring thing is healing....sort of.  

How I feel about walking.
As for me,   I have to walk as well.   However,  without my bike,  I'm afraid I struggle more than Cheryl does.   It's all about the pacing, you see.   When she runs and I bike along side, we are in Sync...  However,  when she "slows down" to walk....I can't bike that I have to "speed up" and's very challenging....and complicated.

Other than that,  it has been a Green Christmas here in Iowa.   It's a shame we have been wasting this weather.   Without snow,  the trails are clear and cool and refreshing.   Too bad Cheryl had to run so fast she hurt herself.  We Could be going to the Polar dash on New Years...but...Nooooo.   Cheryl has to recover.   I blame Cheryl for everything.   Yeah....  everything.   So...There it is.

Subie Oil Change!
Vent Control Valve:  Fixed?
So being stranded at home with awesome weather and no way to enjoy it,  I have been trying to take advantage of the free time.   I ( hopefully) fixed a malingering problem with Subie.      The Vent Control valve seems to have putzed out again.   And While changing out that, I also topped off the fluids and changed the oil.   Hopefully Subie will respond well to the minor overhaul.  We shall see.

Deceptively innocent looking.  
So that is all we have.   Cheryl scores while I try to plow through some writing and avoid snacks.  Those Holiday snacks will kill you!   Or, in my case,  pile up an additional 20 pounds.   So....time to visit the pool and try to lose some of this holiday Cheer.   And hopefully get back to biking again....It all depends on Cheryl.....I blame Cheryl for everything.   I think I might have already said that.

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