Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cookies, Cold Weather, and Anchovies.

Artist in the Kitchen!
The cold weather has not left yet.   This makes any activity outside most uncomfortable.  However, indoor activities can me made better with a hot coffee,  hot cup of tea, and a cookie.

Cookies, granola, bananas?
Cheryl continues to indulge her baking urge by making cookies with various toppings and ingredients.  Today,  one failure.   The "healthy" granola cookie was a flop.   Ah well,  better luck next time.

Cheryl lays out her banana chips for drying.
Other than that,  we experimented with anchovies on our artisan pizza.  ( Artisan sounds so much better than "home-made".)  To the best of my knowledge,  I have never had an anchovy on my pizza.   I always wondered what was so "bad" about them that everyone always says, "Hold the anchovies."   So today,  I decided to find out for myself.
Bag O 'chovies!

First the good.  The taste is a familiar one.   I would say it reminded me of the fishing docks down in Florida....if you can imagine a "taste" reminding you of a place.   I also think it was close to Japanese fish flakes... an additive you can sprinkle on salads, sushi, or soups.  Possibly because they are actually made of the same thing!
Kind of creepy...but are they edible?
But overall,  I did not like them very much.   It was edible and not terribly offensive.  I was expecting a salty fish flavor..   and it was not that.  Small dehydrated fish are not much to look at, but they blended into the toppings just fine.   Other than the flavor,  you probably would not have known they were on there just by looking at it.

And shows indifference.
Hiro gives it the sniff
So what to do with the rest of the bag?   Well,  I suggested the cat test.   If the cat likes it,  we could supplement his "Mariners Catch"  cat food with a few now and then.   However,  even Hiro has his standards.

Ricky will eat anything!
  I'm now thinking the possum and raccoon that visit us nightly might find them more tasty.  We shall see.

Hope everyone is having a warm weekend.   The cold front is supposed to pass next week.  I'll be waiting for it with great anticipation.

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L. D. said...

As a young kid, 20s, I ordered them on a pizza as I didn't know what they were. My two people with me were polite and I never ordered them again. I remember severe salty flavor. If I had know then that they were fish, I would have picked them off. Yes there are people who really like them but I am not on that list. Stay inside as much as possible. I walk my old dog and it is miserable even with all the layers of clothes. I had to hold my glove over my face tonight as it was a hurtful cold sting.


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