Tuesday, January 31, 2017

An Afternoon At Davenport.

Running In Davenport
Cheryl had big plans today to run on the Kewash trail....but things change.

The temps were pleasant enough ( Around 38-40 degrees), but the trail was muddy and the wind strong and almost unbearable.  She flirted with the idea of giving up on running today, but the topic of Davenport and running along the Mississippi came to light.   With nothing else going on,  what a perfect day for an unplanned adventure!
The sites along the Mississippi

It's a bit of a hike, but we arrived and stopped by the information booth for some maps and conversation.   (We were the only people there, so he had plenty of time to chat.)  A quick bathroom break and we were off.

The wind was the worst part of the entire ordeal.  Otherwise, it was a fun excursion.  We watched Eagles on the ice, geese and ducks on the water and all the industrial sites along the paved bike trail.   We even saw a train pass by!

Cheryl races a Train!
At one point, we decided to cross the bridge over to Illinois,  but Cheryl became concerned a little over half way over.   The metal grid was quite noisy and she noted that during the Race to Home 5K, they put mats over that section to keep running from tripping and seeing down on the water.

Heading back....Facing the wind!
The paved sidewalk along the river is the best for Biking.   The information center even rents bikes, so we may have to stop back in and check them out someday.   It has been a few years since we last did a "training run" along the bike path.  But Cheryl noted that she may want to go there again when the weather was more gentle.  Sounds good to me.

Other than that,  we broke out the Wisconsin Beer Sampler and set up a tasting.  Normally we do not drink this much beer all at once,  but we wanted to compare the various beers against each other.

The Fat Squirrel was the big winner for me.  Cheryl liked the Two Women beer.    The Schells Cave aged beer was a dark caramel-y beer that neither of us liked much.   And the Moon man was a typical Blond Ale.  (pleasant to drink, but rather tame and boring.)  None of them were bad,  but our favorites were the ones we liked best.
Hope everyone is braving the wind and warmer temps....if you have those in your area.  I look forward to visiting Davenport again soon.  It was fun and perhaps I can talk Cheryl into renting a bike instead of running against the wind next time.   We shall see.

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