Monday, January 9, 2017

Hiro's Outside Adventures.... Complete with Vet Visits.

Cheryl  in the waiting room.
Emergency Vet in Iowa City
 I have determined that the difference between a Drama and a Comedy is simply the way the story is told.  Much has happened over the last 16 hours and most of it is not very good... for ME!   Because I find myself lacking in the sleep department.   What could have happened that would deprive me of of my normal relaxing slumber?   One word:   Hiro.

Our HERO!  I mean...Hiro

Flying HIGH as a bird.
Hiro the reluctant shop cat has been more than a handful this stocking season.  Instead of supportive,  he drives us crazy with his constant demands to be let outside.   We,  under loads of stress from stockings,  relent;  and allow him free roam of the outdoors.   I check on him often and I know most of his territory so I know he is usually safe from harm.

Owning a cat that loves the outdoors is a lot like having a kid who skateboards.  You know it is simply a matter of time before he cracks his skull or breaks an arm or leg.   And they only make you aware of these matters on weekends, holidays, and ALWAYS after 5 pm.

Disaster waiting to happen
I noticed a bulge on his rear end above his tail. He was very sensitive about it.    I told Cheryl about it and she noticed that  later that evening he had licked all of  the fur off that spot.  He had been acting lethargic   After several  minutes of discusion, we chose to take him to the vet.

2 AM and only half way done. 
The Emergency vet is in Iowa city.   At 12:00 A.M.,  we head over there.    (25 miles away!)   Hiro is surprisingly calm.    As luck would have it, we were the only folks there at that time of night.   Hurray for us!  The Vet is awake and polite.  ( unlike that time with Red!)  She shaves him and we discover a Bite Wound!
All from that Small Puncture on top.

The vet was pretty calm about it...  Apparently, this happens all the time.    I ask what could have done this and she tells us just about anything.   The small puncture looked more like a cat claw to me ( perhaps fighting with the locals)   But the vet is convinced it is a bite.  And it was infected.

Time to head home.
We weigh our options and price points.  Hiro is a good cat... but there is no reason to break the bank on him.

You do surgery on your own cat!
The vet takes him in the back and drains the abscess that has formed around the wound.  She calls us in the back and shows us what she is doing and asks if we would be able to do this over the next few days.  Now, I pride myself with being a "Do it yourself-er",(  And I have a degree in Fish and wildlife...  Heck,   we worked with cats in anatomy!)    And if there is a way to  save money by doing the work myself, I'm all in.

He's gonna love this type of collar.
The difference is that Hiro was fully sedated when they were showing us.   We get back home at a little past 4 A.M. and have to begin the "do it yourself process" at 8 A.M.   After 4 hours of almost sleep,  I wearily attempt the flush. However, by this time most of the "happy cat drugs"  have worn off!

He can almost see over it.
Hiro, now in almost complete control of his body,  lets us know just how strong he is.  It was fortunate that the Vet Tech trimmed his claws.   For this reason alone, I still have both of my arms attached.  But,  we somehow managed to get the pocket flushed, the pain pill administered, and the antibiotics inside him.  We get to repeat this three times a day for two more days!

Time for some PAIN!  I mean medicine.
So now we have to keep Hiro's new fancy collar on at all times.  He does not like it very much.  And we get to have a follow up visit on Wednesday.   Judging by Hiro's new Mojo,  I'm guessing it will not be a very fun or easy time this time.
Bite?   I don't bite anything.

A side note:   We were trying to guess what could have caused this.  My first and main guess is that it was another cat. ( lots of farm cats around here) The vet said it could have been a coon or possum.  ( we have those too, but they usually run away from everything.)   The idea of a coyote came up.   We certainly have them,  but the idea that we would have one in town here attacking cats seemed unlikely.
I still have my doubts, but I guess it is possible.

MERE MOMENTS after leaving the vet....  I'm not kidding here.   We see a Coyote in the middle of a parking lot.   I even pull in to make totally sure.   There is no doubt!  In the middle of Iowa City!
Deer in the city .   
We also saw 4 deer and an owl on our way home.  The deer were also in the middle of the tall buildings.   (Very strange what you see at 4 A.M. here.)   If a Coyote can be found in the middle of Iowa City,  the possibility of there being one in small, rural Wellman seems more probable.
Looks like a fashion Trend.

Hope everyone is having a better Monday than we are.   The Cat is back to his annoying self so I'm taking that as a "good" sign. ( even though it is bad for us)   I guess the alternative would be far worse.  I'm hoping this little wound will heal up fast and we can take that bothersome collar off him.  I'm sure he wants that even more than we do. I'm also hope this little adventure curbs Hiro's  "Outdoor Spirit" that caused this all in the first place.  We shall see.

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