Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Running in the Wind and Rain.... and Pizza?

Yesterday...cold weather.
Today...   Almost 50 degrees!
Almost a 30 degree increase today!   With rain....  and wind....

No matter,  with temps approaching 50 degrees,   Cheryl wanted to seize the moment and run in ...Shorts!

Running in the rain
And wind...avoid the puddles!
Now,  people dressed inappropriate for the weather conditions is not something new here in Iowa.  I have seen "fashionable" teens dressed in shorts in the snow....or flipflops!   ( ugh!  Flipflops...) But for people looking for an actual activity outside...and not an afternoon of  "hanging out" in the mall.  The cold might actually be a factor.

A little colder and wetter than before, but she survived.

With a Hello Kitty Bandaid
The rain let up for a touch, but the Wind was pretty serious today.   Even now it rages like a tornado.   But Cheryl only paused for a moment and limited the run to three miles.   Our long run will (hopefully) be tomorrow at the trail.   With a little luck, the warmer temps will hold and the rain will stop so we can have a dry path to run on.

I divide and conquer the Hallway.
As side from that,  I have been trying to paint the apartment hallway a little bit at a time.   With everything that has been going on here,  I have found my time and patience limited.  I also currently lack a ladder to reach the high ceiling.  Once the Landlords bring me one, I will work on those parts.   But for now, I will focus on the "easy to reach" stuff.  There is no rush on my part,  And I'm sure they are just happy it is getting another coat of paint.

Pears and Grapes?  On Pizza?
We continue to make fancy pizza that can not be found anywhere else.   Cheryl's latest creation:   Pizza with Pears and Red Seedless Grapes!  You may think it sounds bad, but the pear's sweetness is subtle and the grapes cook down to almost no texture.  The only thing wrong with is was that she forgot to add the salmon.

Hiro... AFTER the pain meds kick in.

I'm no vet, but I think it's looking better.
Oh!...and the cat.   Well,  he is still alive...so I guess that is a good thing.   I'm not a vet, but I think he is getting better and his wound is healing.
 We continue to do the DIY stuff and Hiro is being more accepting of the process.  ( namely,  less claws and screams!) A neat little trick we learned...   Wait for the pain medicine to kick in before hosing down his open wound with stingy solution.  He is much calmer when he is feeling no pain.   Tomorrow we will take him to the vet for a check up and find out the verdict from the professional.  I'm aiming for a gold star in "DIY Home Cat Care And Medicine Application."   And that she says Hiro is getting better.   The two do go hand in hand I guess....But I know where my motivation lies.  ( It's all about how awesome I am, after all. )

Running in Deep Snow....Not fun.
The temperature has dropped back down to freezing currently...and the wind continues to howl.   I really am ready for that warmer weather they promised.  Hope everyone is staying warm where ever you live.   I should be grateful that the snow has held off as long as it has.   It could be like 2015 when we were forced to run on plowed areas because the snow was deep and everywhere.   Thanks for checking in.

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