Monday, January 23, 2017

Side Kickin' With The Great Cheryl Allen!

Who really needs "Pants" anyway?
There are times when I refer to Cheryl and myself as a "team".   But there are many other times where I'm actually more of a support role.  Or as I would like to call it:  Side Kick.

Real men are comfortable in Tights!
Yes, I'm the Robin to Cheryl's Batman.  The Arthur to Chery's Tick.  The Sonny to Cheryl's..... Cher.  I'm the guy who is simply there to get into trouble so the Hero...Or in this case:  Cheryl,  can bail him out.

It's a huge responsibility staying out of the limelight.   Our goal is to make the hero look good while not stealing any of the thunder or recognition.  To help out at a crucial time, but never look like we are actually saving the main character.   A delicate task to balance.
Sidekick:  Brains behind the Talent?
It's true that side kicks don't have much of a role without a hero.   Have you ever read a comic staring only Robin?   Does Robin ever get his own movie that is not a direct to DVD production?  No!  Because Sonny Bono was never really the star quality that was "Cher."  Even as a representative in Congress, he never got the recognition Cher did when they split up.

So,  that is how I like to sum up our relationship.  A Dynamic Duo!  Each one has to assume their roles.   Each task handled with a Master and Apprentice mentality.  Chef and Sous Chef....  The list goes on and on.  Only some guy like "Superman" can fly solo....

Today,  we tackled the painting of the banister.  I was thinking simply repainting it white,  but Cheryl had other ideas.   A hammered gray!

She wanted to do it,  so I "stayed out of the way" (for the most part.)  I did have to finish the hard to reach places and undersides.   In the end,  I think it will work out great!

We still might have to put on a second coat.   The Rustolium paint is awesome for sticking to medal, and the banister was slightly "rust-pocked" to begin with.   Cheryl wants to wait for a few days before applying the second coat because the fumes tend to build up.

Other than that,  The clouds continue to gray the skies above.   I heard it is supposed to cool off later this week.  At least we have a race to look forward to this weekend.   An Indoor Half Marathon!   46 laps around a track...I should be able to get lots of pictures during this one.  Can't wait!

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