Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hiro's Check Up, Cheryl's Long Run, And Ethan's Hallway Painting....Update.

Cheryl and Hiro in matching outfits.
He looks quiet now,  Just wait...
 Yesterday was Hiro's vet visit to make sure he was not being killed by his owners.   Cheryl packed him up in the new matching travel case and off we went.  An unsedated cat is a BEAR to have in the car when you are traveling to the vet. ( I should say a broken record of nails on a chalk board.)   Hiro has never been much of a travel cat.... And I'm sure that his recent memory of the midnight vet visit is still fresh in his mind.  He voiced his protest  on volume 10 with hardly a breath in between....for the entire trip!
After the Vet, Hiro retires for the day! 

Sunny and warm still,  Let's run!
After arriving,  he shut up.   And we pretty well behaved.  The Vet got him current on his shots and made sure his wound was looking good.   Everything checked out and we were ready to head back home.

The warm-ish weather held out for us and we decided to fit in our long run at the Kewash Trail.   There are a few things to remember when running in warm-er weather that is above freezing.   That is:  the ground melts.

Looks like the bike needs a bath
Kind of muddy...
We were both feeling fatigued after our early vet visit, so we kept the run to 10 miles.   But that was plenty of time to get our "muddy"on.

Cheryl says I can't go inside like that.
Looks like I do too!
We were so muddy we decided to undress in the hallway so we would not track in all the caked-on dirt.  The clay in Iowa has such wonderful properties.... ( sarcasm)  The corn may like it, but anyone who enjoys a clean house probably does not.

And today,  I spent a little time trying to paint the hallway.  I was supposed to work on this on Monday,   But the cat and the Universe got in my way somehow.  Typical of all of my best laid plans.  Like that time I was going to be an astronaut....  (Why do people ask children what they want to be wen they grow up?   Just to laugh? )

The extension helps with the high stuff
Only one side for now.

I managed to make some headway.  I'll have to work on the other side later...and possibly break out the ladder for the high edges.  So far things look ok,  so I'm encouraged.

Hiro's wound: Looks bad, but is better.
Hope everyone is staying warm.   The temps have dropped almost 20 degrees from yesterday.   The good news is that the ground is frozen once again.  It matters not, since my bike is still covered in mud from before.  The vet says we can take our Cat care down a notch now and let the cat take over.   Good news because the constant attention was wearing both of us down.  It's about time the Cat's natural healing process kicks in.

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