Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Race, New PR. Happy New Year 2017!

Early rise to the QuakerSteak
Inside, it's packed with runners!
We did not usher in the new year with loads of alcohol or parties.   One beer after the blog post last night was plenty and then an early retirement.  We rose up far earlier than expected and walked across the street to wait for the race to begin.

We look for a place to hang out
Cheryl finds a seat at the bar.  

We were informed that only about 600 people would be at this race ( which sold out, by the way) but My guess is that there were more.  It was hard to tell with the walkers mixed in with the actual runners.

Our first blurry mascot pic of the year!
Warming up the start line
The weather in Madison was bright and sunny....and rather brisk.   It warmed up slightly by race time, but still....I would not have wanted to be Baby new year in that situation.

But not warm enough to run in a diaper.
Check out the pacifier on the neck.
For the race only being five miles,  it was a simple looped course that allowed me several access points for Cheryl Photo Opts.

Cheryl at the start. 
My birds eye vantage point.

 I love small races because I get the chance to easily find her out of the crowd.  I even had a chance to get a shot as she ran under a small walker's bridge.

Below the bridge...Last mile.
Running towards the finish
I even beat her to the finish and was able to capture her as she crossed the finish line.  Overall,  it was a new PR for a 5 mile race. ( of course, this was her first race of this any time would have been a PR)   That being said,  even with the rather frigid weather,  she was able to pull off a chip time of 37:57 with an average pace of 7:36.   She finished 6th in her age group of 122 females age 40-49.   He over all place was 80.  ( out of 740 people...HA!  I knew there were more!)

And past me.
Cheryl as she crosses.
Breathing cold air is a challenge while running.  I would know after running in -20 degrees for 3 years in Alaska.   But the sub 8 mile times suggest that she has no loss in fitness or conditioning.  Good signs for the upcoming year.

With cookies and medal in hand
Let's admire the medal.
The After party was held inside the Quaker Steak and Lube.  I think we were supposed to get a free beer, but with the crowd as large as it was, there was little incentive to stay.  Cheryl figured she would not get an award for this race, after all.

And pose for the new Smart Phone Camera...fog free and focused.

Close up of the medal.

We are now back to our cozy warm apartment in Iowa with the cat running outside and me sampling a Amana Iowa beer from the stash.  It's a dark chocolate beer named Blitzen.   It's very smooth and dark with a chocolate malty flavor. I usually do not like theses types, but it is surprisingly good.  I guess even Iowa can produce a tasty beer.

Brewed in Amana Iowa.  Who knew?
So,  a new year with new goals and resolutions.   I have the same as always and maybe I will be able to achieve more than 50% this year.  So far the year is looking good ( one day in...yeah) and let's hope that things turn out far better than the 2016 lowlights.  Thanks for stopping in and hope every one is having a Wonderful New Year.

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