Sunday, January 15, 2017

Did You Actually Think You Were In Control?

It eventually takes it all back.
Just when you think you have a grasp on the game....   When you think you can handle or are handling life's curve-balls with a certain level of  competence;  life reminds you how insignificant your efforts truly are.  Allow me to extrapolate.

So,  it is a nice day.  No ice storm yet, and the winds and temps are holding to comfortable levels.  It was a great morning to squeeze in a run before the storm.  

Cheryl ran through the woods and up the hills.   A shorter route, but hilly and challenging.  Sometimes a little change from the usual routine is a good thing.

While on the run,  we discuss our plans to travel to Boston for the Marathon.   We have ruled out the plane.... so it is down to train or bus.   We Briefly considered taking the car.  But Cheryl correctly, in my opinion,  listed all the things we would have to take into account and the time and costs that would not be immediately obvious.   Subie is old.  The distance is long.   Tolls!  Traffic.  Parking.  etc...

So,  to remind us and firmly assure us that Subie does not want to make that trip,   he decided to have an "episode."   At first there was a "starting issue".   Similar to a car that has been flooded.   This is not normal.   But he started up just fine after a few attempts.  But then his acceleration  was lacking.

After a quick moment of panic, it reminded me of several previous car issues.  My jeep, Gremlin, and Mazda all had similar feels to them.   Each one was different and both the Gremlin and Mazda were fatal!

check out the rusted cable...
So it could be anything!  Fuel pump, Spark plugs, Distributor,  O2 sensor, who knows?  My personal guess is it may have something to do with the cables that lead to the fuel pump. One of the cables has cracked and rusted through.   Still,  looks like a trip to the mechanic.
He's so proud....

He "thinks" he's made it better.
When we arrived home,   The cat had shucked off his cone and groomed his wound.   Goodbye Scab!  After a week of diligently guarding that area and allowing it to heal and close up,  Hiro undoes it all with that Sandpaper tongue!    I'm sure he thinks he has done us a service by cleaning up the matted fur and ugly scab.  But now the wound is open again!   Cheryl seems more freaked out about that than the car.   Everyone has their priorities, I guess.
So clean and sparkly,  but now Exposed 

Ah well.  Kids will be kids; cars will be cars; and cats will be cats. What can we mere mortals do about it other than limit the damage and pay for the broken bones.

Hope everyone else is having a fun weekend.   I hear it is a Holiday....MLK day I think.   And the Ice storm is supposed to hit later today.   So we shall most likely stay home and try not to breathe too much air.

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