Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ice Storm Arrives!

Ice coats the landscape
Neighbor had to walk in the grass
What a great day to stay home.   It's almost like Subie was looking out for us to NOT go out this morning.  Even a Subaru has its limits when traveling on sheer ice.   Not to mention the tires need to be replaced yet and we simply have to had the time to get to it.   Makes me wonder how anyone with a job can do anything after work.
Subie would not want to go out in this...

Total coverage!
Speaking of jobs,  our neighbor had to go out in this crappy weather. It was so slippery,  she had to walk in the grass to make it to her car.   (  we currently lack salt for the sidewalk,  which was a sheet of glass!)  It reminds me of the days when I had to brave "less than optimum" weather to get to work on time.   I remember traveling down the highway watching other cars skid by me, only to end up in the ditch.   I would tell myself I would rather be an hour late and have to listen to a lecture, than spend 50 bucks on a towing bill....and still arrive late.  Ah, the joys of having a job.

We decide to walk to Casey's for coffee and donuts.
The good news is that the ice makes for some very pretty pictures outside.   I always liked looking at the ice as it coats the trees.... as long as I did not have to walk and slip down some sidewalk.

The ice makes a cool crunching sound when you walk on the grass.  The temps are currently falling and it has continued to rain all day.  I'm hoping that the salt trucks clear things up and the ice does not form up again for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

It makes the trees look like they are dipped in sugar.
Laundry room painted!
And finally, I was able to paint the laundry area and under the stairs.   Small areas with a bunch of junk in them.   Lucky for me, they did not take very long to paint, and I did not have to obsess over things like trim or corners.  The banister and baseboard is all that remains.  I may have to wait a few days before I get to those though.  They will require a bit more planning and time.  Tomorrow we are going to try to get Subie fixed and back up to par.

Hope everyone else is surviving the ice storm...if you live around here anyway.   If not,  maybe you can share some of that sunshine and warmer temps with us.  Share the love!

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