Thursday, January 26, 2017

Weather, Cats, Tires, And Cheryl Running. Happy Thursday!

Snow "storm" in Iowa!
It is my job to showcase the mole hills that are truly EPIC in my life.   All to make everyone who reads this blog JEALOUS!  (Or at least entertained by what I find monumental.)  Like a little kid who exaggerates the life changing new toy he got for Christmas.  
Yesterday,  Warm and green.

And so I shall start with the Weather in Iowa.
Today, Cold and Snowy
  Everyone has weather....But here in Iowa.   It's CRAZY!   Like today (well, actually it started yesterday.)  it SNOWED!   Yesterday,  Cheryl ran down the Coralville trail and there was no snow.   But today.... You guessed it!   Snow!
Yesterday's run:  Overdressed.

Granted it was not very much.   In fact most of the snow melted before she even finished her second lap.  Aside from the wind kicking up,   it was a pretty typical run day.
Cheryl had to down-dress half way through

Today,  Trotting on slushy snow!
 Actually it was kind of nice.   I can't remember the last time the Sun made an appearance.   I'm willing to bet that the Sun has been absent for the entire month of January.   But I'm also happy that the snow has held off this long and if we only get 1-2 inches now and then, I would be OK with that.

Hiro's almost healed!
Beggin' to have that cone off!
In other news,  we have removed the cat's cone finally.   His little wound has healed up to the point where it is only the size of a small dot.  And he has been most unhappy with that darn cone on his head for the last two weeks.

Promises not to cause trouble. 
Ah! Licking is Freedom to a cat.
Last night was particularly fun because he went to the litter box and made a mess!   Without any way to clean himself,  he happily tracked it all over the apartment and bathroom walls!  Now that the cone is off, I'm hoping he will be a little more in control.

And then there is the tires for Subaru. They have been sitting in the shed for several weeks as well, but with cat problems, fuel pump problems, and everything else...problems;  It was not until this morning that I was able to get the local tire guy to put them on for me.  The problem was made apparent the last time we had snow, and my front tires were nearly bald.   AWD Subaru does not mean much if you can't get a grip on the road.  So the new tires have a deeper tread and better road feel.   I'm happy.

Not the "best" for Snow driving
And not a moment too soon,   We have a race coming up this weekend and tomorrow is travel day to Wisconsin.   I'm sure there is a potential for more snow covered roads there than here and I was not looking forward to driving on "treadless" tires.  The race is around an indoor track.  13.1 miles!  I think Cheryl will get a medal and can hear music for the entire race.   I'll be able to stand in one location and get picture after picture of her as she circles by.   How fun is that?!

So now,   relax,  stay warm, rest up and prepare for tomorrow's trek.   There is no packet pick up so there is no rush. We simply have to make it to the hotel  sometime tomorrow.   If time allows,  perhaps I'll even blog an update.   Until then,   Thanks for stopping in.

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