Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Following New Bloggers

Did you know that I almost had 200 people following my blog?   Where are they now?   If you check the number down on the right, you will see that I have "lost" a little over a dozen followers.   And my guess is that there are far more that no longer play the "blog game".

It all started back when I first created a blog.... and Cheryl and I  were both into Etsy.   Having no idea what a blog is about or what it is meant to do, I relied on Etsy forums to clue me in.  And that is how I managed to gain so many followers.   We would exchange blogs and tell people when we updated.   They would add me and I would add them and together, we would have a reason to write something everyday.  Usually about our craft or skill that was on Etsy.

But, after a year or so,  People simply started disappearing.  Etsy changed a bit and so did the dynamic of my blog.  I was ok with this....until now.

One of the only bloggers left who are still blogging, happens to be a guy here in Iowa. ( I followed his blog before we moved here.)  He lives in Des Moines and posts pictures and stories of daily life (see: Larry's Creative Zone.)  I check in every day and occasionally leave a comment.   I noticed he has more "live" bloggers than I do...So I did what any other blogger would do (I'm guessing anyway)  I decided to add and follow some blogs from his list.  ( Think of it as "networking",   "Stealing" is such a harsh term.)

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I figure blogs are more like spiderwebs and less like lists.  Everyone has multiple interests and things that they like to chat about. And I doubt they will be upset if another random guy follows them ( I know I like followers!)   And I'm tired of waiting for a number of my "dead blogs" to post things so I can tune in and read about random "stuff" from time to time.  Kind of like Animal Planet:  You never know what animal or nature topic they will throw at you...but it is always interesting.

So, if Larry checks in today,   He may notice I'm now following several familiar blogs from his site.  Thanks for the list!   They seem to blog frequent enough to give me something to look forward to.  As for the other blogs that have not posted anything in over two years,  I'll have to go through and delete them.   My guess is the people got bored and no longer keep them up.  It's understandable.

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