Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cheryl Blazes The Trail in Coralville.

Today was cooler, but less wind.   I hear the weather is supposed to turn back towards winter for the rest of the week..  and this was the last "good day" for a while.   Perfect time to squeeze in a run.

Back to Coralville....  We have been to Muscatine a couple of times, but today was one where we ad errands and needed to get back in a timely manner.... I think.

There was a bit of a breeze...  and with temps hovering in the low 40's Cheryl took a bit of a risk running in shorts.   She says running in the longer pants keeps her too Shorts are worth it in the end.

Not only was the day good for running,  but also for burning!

I have to admit.. I admire Iowa for its burn policy.... even here in the city!  I may be showing my Natural Resources Geek-dom here,  but contrary to Smokey, Walt Disney, and the numerous PSA's about fire....  Fire is GOOD for a forest.
Hmm....A little out of control.
 They happen naturally without the help of man...and can be disastrous if they are not done frequently.   Fires clean the forest of unwanted weeds and scrub brush that prevent older grown forest from reproducing.  Not to mention they help in the recycling of the older dead trees and leaves back into the soil.

So I'm impressed that Iowa seems to recognize this and keeps Serious Prairie wildfires at bay by choosing a cool day and biting off small bits of the area to burn.  Bravo!  This was the second time we were able to witness the parks people setting up a controlled burn.   I like it!    It also looked like Cheryl was Speedy Gonzales with a trail of smoke behind her.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday.  If you live close to Iowa, chances are the temps are going to drop a bit for a while.  Enjoy the "warm-ish" weather while you can!   Thanks for stopping in.

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Valerie said...

Good blog title! I didn't know some fires were started deliberately, I guess that's my lesson for the day. In my local parkland I have noticed burned grass areas and always put it down to hooligans. How wrong I probably was.


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