Monday, March 6, 2017

Wind, Rain, Boats and Trains! Cheryl's 17.5 mile run in Davenport.

Preparing for 22 miles.
With Wind in her Hair.
 Cheryl wanted to run 22 miles today.   Well,  "wanted" being  a confusing term.   She was "Scheduled" to run the 22 miles today, but that training regime has always been in question.  Cheryl has been following it up to this point, but was not "desiring" the 22 mile runs they have stacked up.  The last several marathons she has only had to run 20 miles once!   So having several 20+ mile runs assigned before her Boston run seems a little zealous.

Notice the flag in the background.
Add in that today it was warmer and VERY windy.   There was rain predicted in the afternoon, but it managed to arrive earlier than expected.  Add in that there were other hiccups.... and a lack luster desire in killing herself....and you may understand why the run was limited to 17.5 miles.

River is a little high..
That was actually a pretty good number.   The wind was 20+ MPH and hit us both on the way out and on the way back.   The temps were the only thing that was ideal.   Hovering around 60 degrees, the wind helped make it cooler than expected.  At first she wanted to only do about 8 miles, but as we progressed,   she felt her mojo return and toughed out the additional miles.

Or so the signs say.

Ok....maybe it will be an issue.
There was a point where I thought we might just hit 20 accidentally,  but Nature stepped in.   It appears that the bike train was going to be underwater.  

Cheryl is not buying it.
At first,  Cheryl called their bluff and ran past the signs.  I'm sure the park people were putting them out there in anticipation for the "rising waters" instead of "because of them!"

Looks like nature is calling the shots.
And now a train?
So Cheryl was forced to turn back before she hit her mark.   We could see from the road that the park we were eventually heading for was also under water.   Ah well.

IS there another one? 

From this direction? 

AND on the bridge? 
In addition to dodging rain, wind and floodwaters,   She also had to wait for the trains...again.   Lots and lots of trains today.   They were coming from every direction it seemed.   Perhaps the wind and high waters bring out the best in transportation because even the river had barges on it.
Barges....lot of barges

Crew hitting golf balls.
Johnathan seems a popular name.
I have never seen so many barges on the river at the same time.  I think I counted 9 in the small area where we run.  Each ship was transporting three rows of barges 6-9 units long. ( not sure what they are called)  The crew were hitting golf balls into the wind.   I guess they were tied up until the wind calmed down...  not really sure.
Running at geese.

Running with geese.

There were also geese to avoid.  Luckily,  they did not make up too much of a fuss as she ran by.

running around geese
17.5 miles.Good enough!
All this for a mere 17.5 miles.  Unlike the last 20 mile run,  there were plenty of things to cause distractions and melt downs.   Thankfully,  Cheryl avoided all of that and counts the missing 4.5 miles as "wind effect".   Where the wind creates enough resistance to make up for the missing distance.  I would have to concur with her thinking.

Time for FOOD!

So the rest of the day will be spent recovering.   I hear it is supposed to get colder here in the next few days.  Maybe the wind will die down a bit and we can attempt a longer run mid week.   We shall see.

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Valerie said...

I feel worn out just reading this. I had no idea runners had such strict programmes. I mean, if the weather is fowl one day, can't the run happen the next? You can see I know nothing about running!


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