Saturday, March 25, 2017

Origami Weekend.

Things are beginning to pile up!   Perhaps this was one of the reasons I decided to take a break from Origami for a while.

 I somehow managed to unload most of the old stuff before Christmas and, for a while at least,  we had a clutter-free work shop.   Well,  Clutter-free from paper and various animals and sculptures at least.   Cheryl still has the Felt crammed in the closets.

The bad thing about all of this is that I threw out a bunch of paper that was simply getting in the way of things.   And now,  Several months later, I purchased a bunch of colors yet again.   I feel like an alcoholic that emptied all of this stashes only to travel back to the liquor store to buy more!  Cheryl knows how I hate to waste things,  but she hates clutter more and she usually wins.

Maybe I should start folding something other than fish for my next round.   Complex animals require better paper and more time.   The koi are nice because the paper is cheap!  ( Micheals has a spring sale with packets of 50 for $2!  How can I resist?!?!)

So this post is simply a reminder for myself why I try not to fold as much as I once did.  Either that or I have to find another way to unload them to the public.   We shall see.

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