Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Practice Being Miserable.

 Running in the rain and Wind.   At temps hovering in the 40's.  Perfect miserable weather to train in.

Cheryl ran 8 miles today and we trotted along the Mississippi in Muscatine.  The rain held off for most of it.  I mean...there was a constant drizzle, but no serious downpour.   So the entire run stayed mostly damp instead of wet. If that makes any sense.

Other than that, the rain continues and we are now safe and warm in our cozy apartment...sipping tea and coffee while folding Origami.

Lincoln Half Marathon this weekend!
The Lincoln Half Marathon is this weekend.  All this panic over Boston and we forgot that we have a Half Marathon on the calendar coming up!   We enjoyed the Lincoln in 2015 and were not able to attend it last year...for some reason.  (Probably Cheryl's injury or something like that. )  So it will be fun to revisit it and use it as a training set for the upcoming Marathon.  I'll be there to catalog the results.

In the mean time... hope everyone is staying warm and toasty in their 600 square foot apartment.. ( or something like that) drinking coffee or tea.   Unless it is not raining or snowing....  but when is it NOT a good time for a smooth warm coffee?   Enjoy!

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