Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Training with Trains and Running with Deer. Cheryl's Week in Running.

Sexy summer-like weather.

Cheryl's version of panting.
This Monday started right off with one of the short long runs for Cheryl.   14 miles in Davenport.   Compared to the Twin Cities the temps were much warmer.   Cheryl and I both down-dressed half way through the run.   It was about as nice a day as one could hope for in a Monday after a race.   Cheryl was even feeling frisky and spirited as we trotted along the Mississippi.
Faster than an anchored barge!

Slower than a speeding Diesel Freight Train?
It just would not be Davenport if Cheryl was not racing or chasing a train.   And I managed to capture the action as it happened this time.

Not to say that Cheryl is slow...but she did just run a 10 miler in Minnesota and she had already ran 10 miles in this training run.  Not to mention Trains are made of metal.   And trains are strong!  They burn diesel fuel....which is kind of a cheat if you think about it.    Ah well.... Good things trains do not show up at races....very often.
Colder weather, warmer dress.

The weather dipped down  about 10 degrees the following day and it has been fairly cold ever since.  Today was nice because of the sun, but it was still chilly in the morning.  
Chasing the deer.

Object in camera are closer than they appear!
The highlight of the run was the deer.   Normally we see the token duck, goose, and maybe a blue heron.  Today we were graced with a couple of deer that allowed Cheryl to get close.   How close?   Well,  there was a moment in Iowa City where she could have petted one.  ( That happened twice!) But this was pretty close too.  And I managed to have the camera ready this time.

I'm liking this smart phone for everything but the phone.   I can play music on long runs AND I have a built in camera that is handy for moments like this.   I'm impressed that it did not come out blury or out of frame.  Sometimes I get lucky...hopefully I will be able to tap into that when we go to Boston.

Other than that...I have been working.  Two days in a row!  We both have more hours coming up next month so that will mean less SubNautica time and more time spent earning money.... which is not as much fun.   I have been donating a few hours each day for some Origami,  so perhaps I will post some of those pics in the future.  We shall see
Clocking the time.

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