Monday, March 13, 2017

The Return Of The Snow...

The fun of dealing with snow.
Snow.    And just when we thought winter was almost over...  We got dumped on!

He emerges 
However,  I am not going to make this a rant about the snow.   Because Old Man Winter was generous enough to hold back.... Greatly!  Might I add,   On the white stuff for pretty much the last two months.   It was almost as if he was asleep and realized that his seasonal influence had almost expired!   So...We shall accept the late snow for the moment.   And do our best to adjust for the remainder of the month.
Subie Loves snow again!  

So does Cheryl
I'm actually grateful that the snow and ridiculously cold temps have been few and far between.  ( Remind me again why global warming is so bad?)   I can get behind mild winters...  seriously.   And best of all!   The new tires on Subie made driving in the slushy snow a breeze!   Maybe that is what has kept the snow at bay....I can now handle it without slipping off the road.   Makes me think I should have purchased these tires before November!

Ready to Go!
Running in the snow
So back to running.   Cheryl ran only 3 miles today.   She should take today off, after running 21 miles yesterday,  but I think deep down she wanted to play in the fresh snow just because.  Tomorrow the sidewalk may refreeze and be a bear to run on...but when the snow is new and untouched.  it is kinda fun.

Running in the woods
Running in the wind

This does not make it easy, however.   I'm guessing the snow was about three inches and very wet.   Wet snow is heavy and difficult to run and bike in.   It is similar to mud...only less dirty.  So I was huffing it to keep up with her.  Not to mention wet snow equals wet shoes and socks.   Not much fun running in wet shoes and socks.
Running in slush

Running back to the car.

So that is all.   We are back now and doing our odd little things around the house.   I just finished folding a few fish and frogs.    Cheryl continues to fight the Insect invasion.   I think she is losing this one, because the flying ants continue to arrive in swarms.  Surely, their numbers can not be limitless.

She has also been into Instagram and Drawing runners.  Mostly in the cutesy Chibi style.   I'll have to post some of her "finished" creations and catalog the evolution as it happens.

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Valerie said...

Sad about the snow. Let's hope it goes as quickly as it came. Still, it does give you time for other hobbies.


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