Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sunny Day In Muscatine.

 They predicted rain/snow....90%!    We must have lucked out because the weather was close to perfect for a pleasant 10.5 mile run.   Cheryl even added on the 3.5 miles over her usual distance  because of the optimum conditions.

   Currently,  the clouds have returned and that "30% chance" is looking more likely.  I'm hoping the rain/snow holds off totally or simply passes us by all together.

Loading the barges

The trucks lined up to unload
So what is there to say about Muscatine that has not already been blogged about?   Well,   No train.   The barges and grain trucks were in full swing today.   With the wind being minimal, the barges did not hang around for photos as they did in Davenport.   But the river looked calm and had receded a bit.  As did most of the snow on the trails.

Other than that,   we returned home and I have been experimenting with some versions of Origami Koi.

First I wanted to see if I could create scales without actually folding the paper.   Folded scales quickly begin to look like crap if there are too many layers of the thicker paper.

I liked how things I tried adding a second layer of scales.  I still had to figure out where the folds went without messing with the parts of the fish that do not have scales.

Third attempt...with larger paper this time.   (20") I added too many folds this time.   But it each attempt seems to look a little better.

Latest attempt
Today's attempt!   I reversed the head and fins.  I may see how this looks with larger paper.   Hopefully I will be able to incorporate all of these revelations together in one final finished fish...and it won't take over three hours....  We shall see.

I like this one.   Time to refine it and repeat.
Tomorrow, we head back to the Twin Cities for the Hot Dash.

And then we begin our plan for the Big Boston.   Cheryl is beginning to get scared a little.   Mostly on the travel situation.   We have never taken a train before, so it will be an adventure and a nail-biter at the same time.   I can't wait!


Valerie said...

Origami is fascinating and you are so good at it. Wondering how long it took you to become so professional.

L. D. said...

Muscatine is a pretty place for running. I like the origamis. Enjoy the cities. Haven't been there for a long time.


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