Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Misery Practice.

Ready for action
Light Drizzle, but nice
Another 7 mile run in Coralville... in the rain.

Well,  it started out ok.   And then it began to trickle on us....before totally soaking us.
Drizzle picks up
Geese are enjoying it.
This was one of those days where only the ducks and geese are happy.   Cheryl likes these days and never wants to skip or skimp on the mileage.   I think she believes it will make her tougher..... unless she catches pneumonia.
Not it is raining!
Cheryl buckles down
Even I got a little soaked with my Gore-Tex.   The temps remained in the 40's through out with the wind adding that much more fun.

And runs faster!

I should be pointing out her determination and Grit!   5 years ago she would have never done something like this.   Maybe that is the way of the runner.
But not fast enough to stay dry.

With Lincoln coming up on Saturday,  Tomorrow will be travel and check in.   We both have to work for ETS so there will not be a lot of dilly dally at the Expo...  Even though the offer free beer samples!  I guess we may just have to do what we can on race day.   We shall see
My Gore-Tex is soaked!

When Cheryl is Cold and Miserable.
Other than running in the drizzle,  I actually enjoy rainy days.   Drinking warm beverages while looking out the window at the birds and the rain are refreshing and calming.  That being said,  I hope the weather changes for the dryer in the days to follow.   Goodness knows we do not want a flood anywhere around here any time soon. Wish us luck!

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Valerie said...

Good luck. I will pray for the discontinuation of rain!


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