Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cheryl's 21 Mile Davenport run.

Cold day in Davenport
Hurray for Daylight savings time!   And the fact that the wind and rain and snow held off...  Leaving only the cold to hamper Cheryl's 21 mile training run.

I'll cut to the chase....because I'm tired and equally warn out.  Cheryl was successful!  She completed the run with no mishaps or melt downs.  In fact!   She pulled a new one on me today.   She started to sing!
The Mississippi looks like glass!

I've seen Cheryl angry...   I've heard her use language that might scare Drill Sargent!  But I have never seen Cheryl sing before.

Cheryl Singing. 
 It's....  kinda scary.

Now before you wonder why,   it is not because she can't carry a tune.  She never sings at home or in the shower....  Only I do that.   In fact, I'm so good at singing that if they offered a Naked Star Search, I'm sure I would win it!
Successful 21 mile training run!

Go Go Power Cheryl!
But at mile 19.5,  Cheryl started getting all Weird on me and I was thankful that we only had less than 2 miles to go.  I have heard that Marathoners become loopy right before they crash.   Luckily,  the run was almost over and we both survived it unscathed.

How did this phenomenon happen?
Other than that,  it was cold.  Just above freezing for most of the run and never getting above 40 at all.  Without the wind, this is bearable...but still the cold creeps up on you.  Mostly fingers, toes and ears are the parts that scream the loudest.  An unusual picture of an icicle on a small park tree.  The unusual part is that it was the ONLY icicle on the entire tree.  Heck, the only icicle in the entire Park!   The unusual part is it is not immediately evident HOW the icicle formed in the first place.  There was no dripping water above it or rainfall.  How did this icicle form and no other icicles anywhere else?   It was as if someone had intentionally created that one icicle  Very odd.  (Worthy of taking a picture and blogging about it.)

So you are wondering what song Cheryl was singing?   Here it is.  Check it out.

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Valerie said...

Cheryl must have been feeling really happy with her run if she burst into song like that. Nice for you to listen to as well. Can't help with the icicle puzzle but I wish I could!


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