Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July Fire Cracker Run. When Three Elvises are not enough...

What could be better than Three Elvises?
What is the Plural for Elvis anyway?   Ah, who cares.
So Early we beat the sun

Cheryl ran the Quad Cities Firecracker 10K today.   Early.  Very early!   At least we got to stay in our own bed and not have to buy a hotel room.  Not that that is not fun or anything...just expensive.
Firecracker 10K runners Park

Bib pick up with Bag.
As we watched the sun rise this early morning,  I wanted to note that it was 7 years ago on this day when we fled Michigan and came to Iowa.   And although we promised ourselves that this was only a temporary placement.... we find ourselves still here....  in Iowa.

Look at the trophies.
Cheryl is ready
But this posting is about a race and not Ancient History.    We were able to pick up Cheryl's packet before the race;  which was nice.   We did not have to travel to Moline yesterday.   Saving on Fuel as well as Hotel costs!   I love saving money.

So close to the Start!

For those not from this area, the "Quad-Cities" is basically Davenport.
Check out the flags!
  The race was on the Illinois side of the river (Moline) and I do not know for sure the other two cities.  ( Bettendorf and Rock Island...I think.)   It matters not.   What DOES matter is that we arrived with an hour to spare,  parked the car right next to the start line, and secured Bibs and bathroom visits before the bell.
Cannon goes BOOM!

Or in this case:   CANNON!   I love cannons.   Big BOOMS remind me of the 81mm Mortars.   And that reminds me of the Army....  What an awesome time to play with explosives.   But I digress.
Little Old Ladies Chair in line of fire...

The Cannon launched the race... Which was running late because the announcer had soooo much to say.  Every minute he wasted ticked the temp up one more degree.   But finally the National Anthem played and the big boom rocked the buildings.   I should also note here that there were people standing in front of the cannon.  Like the little old lady...sitting in a chair right in front if it.  Some people have very little caution when it comes to heavy weaponry.

Missed at the Start.   Chaos Swarm!
I missed Cheryl at the start.   There were nearly 3000 people in this one.  And although I snapped countless pictures of the crowd as it swarmed by, Cheryl was no where to be seen.   Sometimes it happens.

But then I ran up the hill to mile 5 and watched as Cheryl literally broke through "The Wall"!  Hulk style.   Don't make Cheryl angry.... You wouldn't like her when she is angry. Especially if you are a wall.
Cheryl Breaks through the Runners wall.

When Cheryl hits the wall,  She SMASHES IT!

Bricks go Flyin'!

What a Scary Face!   
At least she does not turn green.

She got bumped up
I chased her down the hill for about 1/4 of a mile and them headed towards the finish.  In the end,  there were hills,  there was heat, and there were crowds....but Cheryl had a pretty good run.  I think it was even a new PR for the 10K.
With the Bling.

After a beer and a few snacks,  we picked up her award ( second place in her age, Due to another female being an overall winner) and went home.

Getting her 2nd place trophy

Award secure,  Time for ice cream!

I should also mention that there were a number of "oddities" in the race today.   Similar to Santa Suits and Turkey hats,   many people showed up in Cosplay.  Uncle Sam was popular.   Even a Wrestlemania  guy.
Running past Wrestlemania guy

  But best of all were the Elvises.   Cheryl posed with three of them until a fourth one joined in.   For a moment there, it felt as if we were racing in Vegas!   It has been a while since we captured any "mascot" pics.   4 Elvises seems like a pretty good find.

The only thing better than three Elvises.... is Four!

The Award for age group. 
The Medal close up.
 Other than that...  It has already been a long day.  Up before 4 A.M. and finally we are able to relax a touch.   Fireworks tonight if we can stay awake for them.   This will be the first time I will have my Motorola Camera to take pictures.  As tired as I currently am,  I am also excited and curious to see how they will turn out.   If things work out, I'll post the pictures tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe 4th.

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