Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Seven Years and a Day.

Celebrating seven years of capture.
As mentioned in the previous post,   Yesterday was the 4th of July.   (Just in case anyone did not know that.)  In addition to that fact,  I also mentioned that we have been in Iowa for over 7 years now.  (7 Years and one day to be exact!)  But this is not about that.

Cheryl and Ethan in Iowa.  I think the picture says it all...
This posting is about the fireworks last night.   You see, I think Iowa celebrates our capture every year with fireworks.  It makes sense.   We are highly valuable human beings after all. (At least to ourselves anyway...)  And although I am not particularly fond of being an Iowa captive,  I can at least respect that they value my presence here...  More so than in Michigan anyway.
At least they know we are valuable.

But mostly I wanted to post the pictures of last nights celebration...  the celebration of Cheryl and Ethan coming to Iowa.   On my new Motorola camera/phone.  ( Seriously!  It is a camera with a phone attached.  Not the other way around.  I never use the phone.)  I used a program in addition to the one provided with the device to "animate our sad story." (Hetalia Reference)

In addition to the fireworks, I thought I would post some of the animations of Cheryl's race yesterday.  Enjoy!
Three Elvises.  (One still on his way...From the Port-a-Jon) 

Cheryl is in there somewhere.... If you can find her,  you're better than me. 

Masked Patriot running with Flags.  He also doubles as a WWF Wrestler.  I was thinking "Flag Man" Or "The Patriot!"


L. D. said...

Well you have sort of adjusted like all the rest of us. Sometimes I feel like an outsider in my own home state. A camera with a phone on the side sounds like my kind of thing. You got some great fireworks and I bet you heard a lot of others through out the day. Iowans went crazy over this new fireworks law. Or should I say the lack of any law. I have never seen so many fireworks up and down my whole neighborhood. Hang in there you non Iowan, Iowan.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I actually did not think the fireworks were that bad. Maybe it is a Wellman thing. Or, perhaps a Michigan thing. We always had lots of personal fireworks going off in our neighborhood. Iowa will probably lose the hype over their new found freedom in a couple of years. And for all my complaining.... Iowa is not that bad. ( Obviously.. heheh)


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