Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cheryl Runs to The Sun and Moon.

Down the Kewash Trail
Evening in Westchester
The Weekend is almost over, and Cheryl has been doing a bit of running.  The heat has forced us to become a bit more flexible for our runs.   And by that, I mean:  running shorter but more often.   Basically, we have been running in the morning AND evening.   Which is great for me....  I actually like the evenings better.

Mornings in Muscatine
Down to the Fountain!
That does not mean we skip out on the mornings.   on weekends, we usually head to Muscatine for some water therapy.   Cheryl runs somewhere between 7-10 miles ( depending on heat and fatigue) and then she plays in the fountain there.
Cheryl's New favorite part of running.
The perfect place for a cool-down.
 Since she discovered the fountain, (And now that it is  operational...) Cheryl has been looking forward to going there and frolicking in the water.   It is also always fun to run along the river.
And photo opportunity....

Back to Kewash.
However, we have also been taking a break from Iowa City as of late.   The Kewash Trail has been fun to visit after such a long hiatus. ( basically, we have taken all of this winter and spring off from there.)   So now that summer is upon us... and the berries are out in full swing, we have a renewed interest.

Some recent trail improvements!
We also discovered that they have been making improvements!   Remember that "mud pit" on the other side of West Chester?  

Even Non-skid mats on the ends!
Well, the authorities have decided to pave over that area and make it passable!   They even pit little rubber nubs on the ends to keep people from slipping!   How awesome is that!  I'm now curious if any other improvements have been made as we get closer to Washington.
Chasing Raccons.

And evening rabbits sometimes.

It is also noteworthy that the evening runs provide a new experience from time to time.   Raccoons come out in the twilight.   And the heat is much more tolerable in the evening.

Chasing the Moon as it rises.
Chasing the Sun as it sets.

Sometimes you are treated to a wonderful sun set followed by a moon rising.   Add in fireflies and the evening rabbits and it is just a peaceful time to be out there.  I'm actually looking forward to going back out there tonight.   Maybe a little earlier so we will have time to stop and pick blackberries (they are now out in full force now,  Would hate to miss them!)
Enjoying the cool (-er) scenes of Iowa.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend.  And if you can enjoy the evenings as the sun sets,   all the better!

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