Thursday, July 20, 2017

Happy 21st Anniversary! With Dancing, Origami, And Dancing Origami...

Celebrating 21 years!
Is it worth celebrating? 
 Yep, today marks 21 years for us.   Not bad for two young people with no clue.  Cheryl has been concerned that we would forget this year.   If we had only been strong enough to insist on July 7,  we would be in a better position to recall the date.  But, alas, there can be only one date.

21 is not really a big deal.  Compared to 20... or 70!  (which is the goal ultimately)  By that time, we might not even recognize each other though.   I'm already suffering from mental fatigue and forgetfulness.
Racing the sun.   

Crop Dusters out and about. 
But before that day comes,  here is what we have been up to.   (Part of the blogs purpose is to help me remember.)  It has been hot and humid.   But Cheryl insists on running anyway.   Yesterday we ran 18 miles.    Yes, it was VERY hot and she had to walk part of the distance.   We planned on getting up early to combat the high heat, but it was simply not enough.   As the sun rose, so did the heat, humidity and bugs!  But we managed to soldier through.

Racing the plane?
The Crop Dusters were out again.  I'm guessing they were fertilizing the soybeans one last time before fall. Cheryl wanted to race the plane,  but the plane is so much faster than the trains of Davenport.

No more Tree barrier
Looks like they pushed it off. 

They also  cleared the fallen tree off the trail.  Cheryl did not have to climb over it this time.

Only 20% chance...they said.
Sudden Rain storm in Iowa
They told us a couple days ago, that the chance of rain was almost nil.   Guess again!   While out by Muscatine,  we got hit by a freak rain squall!  Almost zero visibility,   20 degree drop in temp. And lots and lots of rain.    And then.....

Boom!  Nothing.   Around our house,  totally dry.   It is unfortunate we could not enjoy the cooler temps for very long.   The heat climbed back up to 90 in no time.

Origami Dancers
Chili Dog!

Since Money is always tight,  we chose to keep our Anniversary celebration small,   choosing only one rock band and inviting only 300 people.  Our party was thrown at Tee's,   because their Chili Dogs are awesome!  And they enjoy my Origami displays.   We also had our usual  sundaes.   No sense in holding back too much.  We'll just have to run extra long tomorrow.... if the weather holds out that is.

   Hope everyone is having a great week so far.   I also have a goal to post one of my books online.   Cheryl told me I should self publish the thing and be done with it.

Are cats good at editing?
 I re-read it and fixed the numerous spelling and grammatical errors that I could find. ( At least I hope I fixed them.  I'm probably not the best editor out there...but I'm free!  And that price is the best I can afford at the moment.)

It seems their fur gets in the way. 
  I also have to work on the title and book cover.  Cheryl has graciously offered her services there.  Since her price is similar to mine,  I can hardly turn it down.  Let's just hope we both get more than what we are paying for.  I would probably even accept the help of the cat!  However,  cats are not very good spellers, having limited vocabulary, and can not type with those dinky paws. He likes to spell AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA a lot.  ( not very helpful.)

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