Friday, July 28, 2017

Cheryl Takes a Broken.... Er.. Break.

Cheryl Prepares to Embrace Pain!
I should have been more specific when I asked for luck for Cheryl's Bix 7 race.   I should have specified "Good Luck" as the kind of luck we were looking for.    As it turns out,  Cheryl's luck has truly changed....  for the worse!
Cheryl running....In pain!

After taking two full days off after her "niggle" hip flair up,  She chose to run a short run today, just before heading to Davenport for the Bix Packet Pick-up.   As "luck" would have it..

 The "feels pretty good" turned to "I think my leg is broken!"  in as short as 3 miles!   Cheryl almost did not make it to the car.
Cheryl running ( and almost beating..) the Pain... I mean...  Plane

I warned her about racing today.... and racing that darn crop-duster again.  But does she ever listen to me?   Nope.

Curing the pain with ice cream.
The good news ( or silver lining..or whatever it is called to take the sting out of tragedy.) is that we figured this out today instead of half way through the Race tomorrow.   Even Cheryl admits it is better than melting down in the middle of a crowd. ( Remember Boston?) So,  after that wonderful experience,  She decided to call off the Bix 7 this year.  I guess it happens to even the best athletes in the Olympics.

To cheer her up,  we decided to head to Muscatine.   Since racing is out,  and no packet pick up was required,  we still plans to drop in on Tee's and pick up a sundae and hot dog.  Nothing cures depression like a hotdog.   Oh!  And a sundae, I guess.

So now she is worried that there is a very real possibility that she might have to skip out on the next race as well.   With only a month before the Madison Mini-Marathon,   she might not have enough time to fully recover for a half marathon.  All this just when the weather was turning for the better....

What ever the ice cream did not fix.  
Maybe later, we will crack open a bottle of Toppling Goliath Sosus.   What better way to dull the pain, and treat the depression of not running... than with beer?   It works for so many Americans....  Right?

And now the real challenge is for me.   Yes I have the challenge in having to deal with an injured runner.   In a small 600 sq ft apartment.  It is deadly business!  I should know!  I have had to deal with this before at the end of 2015.  It was like living with a Tiger with a tooth ache for three months!   Unlike the cat,  I can not scurry under the bed when Cheryl gets irritable.  (Believe me, I have tried!)  But there may be things that we can use to distract her.  Perhaps if we purchase a bike.....  We shall see.

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