Friday, July 14, 2017

Climbing Trees on a Run.

The last couple of days have been pleasant,  considering the summer so far.  In fact, it almost felt like fall this morning.   Tomorrow may be another story, but for the moment, we are enjoying the weather here in Iowa.

Something is blocking the trail....
Unless the sun comes out mid-day.   Cheryl's long run started fine, but we timed the start a little later than planned.   As a result,  the noon sun came out of hiding and began to wither everything.   Including Cheryl.   She made most of the 16 miles run without walking,  but the heat did manage to spoil things.  If only that cloud cover could have persisted...
Looks like the old cottonwood is fallen...
So much for Hurdles...
In addition to that,  we discovered one of the large cottonwood trees had fallen across the path.  Slightly larger than something we would be able to move ourselves.  The only choice...  Climb over!

Cheryl leaves me & my bike behind.
Cheryl may be "pretty good" at running.   But climbing is not her Forte.  If only you could have seen her on the rocks of Duluth or Grand Haven.

She will never go to the Olympics with that form.
Still,  we managed to get over the thing.  Even with my bike.   And there is no picture of me because I had the camera.   And I look like a Gorilla.  ( at least Gorillas can climb.)

So we managed to sell 5 stockings this week.  We just finished them a few moments ago and will probably mail them later today.  I'm impressed we have sold anything in July.   It makes me consider cleaning up the machines and getting them ready for full production.  Then again, it still may be a little optimistic for that at this time.
Something to look forward to tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great Weekend.   We are planning on Muscatine tomorrow,   despite the hot weather that is predicted.  At least they have a water fountain to clean,  I mean,  cool Cheryl off.

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Stephanie Faris said...

That fountain looks NICE, especially in this heat. Running would be tough, unless it was super early in the morning!


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