Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Black Berries, Wild Flowers, and Origami.

Only three miles today?
Too Hot to run?
It has been a rather hot week this week.   Weather-wise, not eventful-wise.   The heat and humidity have been getting to Cheryl in that she does not like running so much.   Who would want to run in heavy sauna-like air?

You said there are Berries???
Black berries...
But on the bright side,  we have found something that motivates us to get out and experience the "Great Outdoors!" Black berries!

What will we do with all these? 
Yes, the black berries are in full swing.  In fact, we may have missed them by a few days, and are cleaning up the ones left over from the local birds and animals.

This looks good!

 We have visited them twice now, each time picking a 42 ouch cup-sized amount.   They are awesome on  cinnamon bread and cream cheese.   Also in yogurt and oatmeal.

Sweet peas
Daisies and "other" flowers.

In addition to the berries,  the summer flowers are dominating the landscape.   Mostly daisies of some form or another.  But every now and then you find a field with Clover, Sweet Peas, Milkweed and other purple flowers.  It makes for pleasant scenery while sweating like a pig out in the heat.
The fields look yellow!
Purple splash breaks up the colors.
As I write this.  The skies have darkened and it looks like more rain is on the way.   It has rained every day this week.  Mostly at night, but it sprinkled a touch this morning.
 Despite that,  the temps have held on the high side and the dampness only adds to the humidity.   I don't mind a little rain. Or even a thunderstorm.  But any tornado or hail can keep far away.  Don't get me wrong... I find those phenomena fascinating....but knowing my current luck,  we would find the "bad side" of the storm.
My Origami "Pile"
Running out of room here....
Origami Oriental Dragon.
So to occupy my time while under house arrest (from the heat) I have been playing with Origami...again.   I don't know why I bother.   The stuff simply piles up.   Cheryl says I should re-open the Etsy shop and try to sell some of it.  But unfortunately,  it ends up sitting in the same place for months while folks look, but don't buy.
Cheryl runs to the Sun.
Usually sales are better during the holidays.  But still, ot is a fun skill to keep in practice with.   Just like Cheryl's running.

Oh.  Getting really dark now.  Better post this before the electricity goes out.   Hope everyone is having a good week so far... and thanks for stopping in.

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