Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Some Origami Prototyping.

Thicker Viscosity 
This week, with very little going on, and even less money to go on with,  I decided to play around with some origami concepts.   Basically,  I wanted to experiment with some better paper and paper making.   While trolling around online,  I discovered a hint that I might have not been making my Methylcellulose potent enough.  I had to make it thicker...  Almost as thick as glue or corn syrup.

There are several ways to apply it, but the method I chose ended up in a very rough looking paper.   But I was able to salvage a bit of it to work with.
Brian Chan's Lizard CP.

And then I tried folding it.   Not to bad.  Still with its challenges,  but it is very thin and strong.  I like it!   I have not been able to get a piece large enough to tackle a seriously challenging bug,  but I think the strength of the paper hints I'm on the right track.
Final Shaping.

Not bad  😎
As a prototype,  I attempted Brian Chan's lizard.   I only have the crease pattern and this was my second attempt at one of his models ( also from a CP.)   I am very happy with my success!   And I always thought Brian Chan's model was one of the most accurate versions of a lizard out there.

Chicago Dogs!
As for the the rest of us,   Cheryl continues to run.... except today.   She is hoping to recover from a "painful" hamstring.   And since she has a race ( Bix 7) coming up,   she does not want to jinx it by "pushing through the pain!"   Best to rest and recover a bit before something "serious" breaks.

World Famous!

Kinda Spicy.
While at Muscatine last weekend,  we decided to try the legendary Chicago Dogs.   While certainly big and tasty,  I doubt I will be making them a regular item.  ( kind of spicy)   But it is always fun to try new things.

We love all things Japanese...except these.

So that is all for now.   I guess the Japanese beetles have been kind of bad this year.  Too bad,  I kind of like the way they look.   Very colorful.  

Wish us luck at the Bix 7.    Hopefully Cheryl will not need it.  There is no medal and this is just a fun run for her.   Something to get her out of "training mode" for a few hours.   And best of all,  we get to visit Tee's again.

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