Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Totally Awesome Stag Beetle. ( Non-Origami)

Doesn't he look friendly?
Usually, with a title like that,  you might think I would post pictures of some Origami I had been working on.  Well, not today.

What happens when I try to pet him?
Yesterday,  on one of Cheryl's runs, we discovered a stag beetle.   I know I have an old post somewhere on this blog about Michigan stag beetles.   But here in Iowa,  they have a more fearsome look to them.  Actually, they look more like the Stag beetles that one might think of when watching Animal Planet.
He didn't like that very much.
Tree time.

Check out the mandibles on this guy!   And this is not even one of the biggest we have seen here.

In addition to being scary and red,  he is also very strong!   I tried to pick him up off the sidewalk and place him on a tree.  It was as if he was glued to the concrete!   I have heard that Goliath beetles are one of the strongest insects by size.   I'm not sure how they compare to fleas or ants, but I have seen them hang on to bricks while people picked them up.   Impressive for such a "small" creature.
I can see the resemblance.

And origami Frog at Tee's
And where does the name come from?   Stag is a deer, after all.   And the mandibles are thought to look like antlers.  ( Just my geeky trivia coming out.)

And a Wolf...
Couple of dragon flies.
I mentioned origami.    After the encounter, Cheryl and I stopped off at Tee's Diner and had our celebratory Sundae and Banana split.
Ok, I might have gotten carried away....
A few more things. 

Sundae time.
Maybe I should eat instead of fold..
While we  waited, I folded up a few things.   I guess I have become a celebrity (if only in my own mind)   The staff at Tee's seems to enjoy the creations and look forward to our coming every Saturday.   Hopefully I will continue to have new models to show off.  (My own mental library can quickly get exhausted.)

Lazy rabbit.

Talk  about relaxed.

So that is that.   It is ridiculously hot today.   Humid,  sunny,   terrible! Even the Rabbits are taking a break from the heat by camping out in the cool part of the driveway.

Long run....sometime this week.
Made possibly better with water.  Lots of water!

Cheryl's run was simply a token run as she prepares for her long run this week.   It is supposed to be hot every day this  week.   We shall see how things work out.   This time, we will bring water, Popsicles,  and maybe even a water theme park!  ( Only if we run in Muscatine.)

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