Friday, July 7, 2017

Running with Rabbits and ...Chickens?

Running in the heat.   West Chester!
Popsicles help on long runs.
 Today we went out to the trail in Keota and did the usual 8 miles.   A few days ago, Cheryl attempted a long run.(14 miles!)    She finished it, but not without a lot of help from our huge supply of Popsicles.

Our only remedy for the heat.
Deer hiding out.
 It has been very hot this week...  with Humidity finally showing up to mess with her running.   At least she now knows that heat DOES and will have a serious effect on her abilities.   And for that reason,   we brought the popsicles into play.  There really is nothing better than a cold sugary snack on a hot sunny run. ( ok,  maybe some shade and a cool breeze would be helpful as well...  But we can't control for those things)
Can you see him now? 
How about now?

But today,  we started with only a normal run in mind.  I hesitated to bring the camera because I have so many pictures of the trail as it is.  But today we were treated to a number of wildlife sightings.

Choosing to not run with us anymore.
First the deer.   A fawn with spots decided to run along side us. ( next to the cornfields) and then camped out in the tall weeds.   See him?  He sure blends in..

Cheryl finds a Chicken.
Eventually he broke cover and continued running down the edge of the field.

Chickens are FAST!
As I paused to take his picture,  Cheryl ran up onto something unusual.  Well,  for the trail at least.   A Chicken!

Now he's hiding out from us. 
There are plenty of "free range" chickens around here.   But we have never seen one this far from any farmhouse.  I'm not sure if he/she was lost or simply exploring.  I also don't know if it was in any danger out there alone.   There are foxes, badgers and coons that would love to have chicken for lunch. Being alone does not seem like a very smart idea out there if you are a chicken.

Not sure if this is a rooster or hen.
He seems familiar with the area.
The nearest farm house was about 3/4 of a mile away.   I was not ready to knock on any doors, but I would have alerted someone if they had been available in their yard. ("Hey!   Are you missing a Chicken?")  Sounds kinda weird,  eh?

Now for rabbit running.
The chicken did not stray far from where we left him.   That might be encouraging as he might be familiar with the area more so than we give him credit for.

Is Cheryl "chasing" them or "racing" them?
They are everywhere this year.
Even in our own yard!
And finally, there is a new brood of rabbits out there.   Lots of little bunnies running around,  still too stupid to know you have to jump off the path when danger comes by.

Because our cat is taking a break.
  There are even several in our own yard.   Possibly because we no longer let Hiro outside to "catch and play" with them.

"Abandoned" vending machine IS operational!

Cheryl also discovered a vending machine in West Chester.  Near what looks like an abandoned building.   I'm sure it is not abandoned, it's just a farming village.   But the machine was operational and we were able to acquire a cold beverage.
Cheryl with her prize!  Almost as good as popsicles!

Iowa Soybean heaven!

It is only a good day AFTER the run. 
So that is all for now.   Cheryl can now focus on being the happy runner she is.  ( only AFTER the run is over though.)  She has been working on her shirts and key fobs lately.   Something to keep her restless mind busy.
Cheryl the "Happy Runner". 
The Girl in the Braids looks familiar...

Thanks for stopping in and hope everyone has a happy Friday!

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