Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another busy weekend

You might have noticed that I have skipped a couple days blogging. The easy explanation is that I did not have the time to chat about my day. Either I was too exhausted or it was just too late. The weeks seem to be flying by now and there seems to be little time for anything other than carving, painting and shipping seats. In between all that, I've been trying to make soap and my own seats out of plywood. I worked like crazy yesterday so I could take it easy tonight. I already have 4 seats for Monday. Cheryl discovered a nice feature on our new camera that helps with closeups. Up until now I thought we were forever cursed to take blurry closeup pictures even with the 8.1 mega pixel camera. but the new setting is for pictures closer than 24" They seem to be better for the most part.


Estela said...

the close ups look great!
That's great you're staying busy!!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Most cameras now adays Ethan have a close up feature, It apears to be a Mountain Icon if I'm not mistaken.

And it's an 8.1MP Then, you didn't tell me that, that's a pretty descent camera, well for MP anyway, pretty good quality.

keep up the good work dude, I may have to check that site out also and have 2 stores running at the same time lol.



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