Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheryl's store!

I took a break from carving today and decided to work on a few odds and ends that have been vexxing me for a while. Anyway, I decided to show off a few things from Cheryl's shop since she had a "breakthrough" last night. She made a cute little plushy that she has fallen in love with and hopes others also will for Christmas. I had to help her put the eyes on them. She has also been working on wine carriers, stockings, and book bags. The wrist lets and book bags have been selling well lately.
So Cheryl is busy sewing tonight and I am hanging out with my shop cat on my lap, causing me to type slowly. Speaking of cats, I taught the kitten how to roll over on command now. next is the shake and then possibly the mercat sit. Usually, the cats rarely get past the rollover and shake commands. They refuse to learn another one, they just repeat the ones they know over and over again. Now Zulu, the late cat ( cat on my avatar) used to speak, rollover, shake, and open the door on command ( open the door, he would tap the door knob of the closest door till you opened it or he could pull it open.) I'll have to capture a video of him rolling over sometime in the future.


Estela said...

omg her new plushes are ADORABLE!!! I'm sure they will do very well this holiday season! and really, any other time!!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Pretty damn cute dude. Nice Plushy and the other stuff. Maybe I ought to break out my Sewing machine and get to work also lol.

Them boxes you got there on the floor? Are them your Soap Boxes?


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Nope, those are boxes for our seats. 17"x17"x4"


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