Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Funday!

Totally caught up tonight, then sold two more ( yeah!) Cheryl and I also finished the table. with only one minor hiccup ( I broke a tile trying to "negotiate" it into place) It's all ok though, since the tiles are fairly cheap to replace. I'll just have to be more "gentle" in my persuasion next time. We also broke down and bought a new camera. I took a couple of pictures of the old one to show you the "clamp cam" as Cheryl calls it. It was doomed to fail eventually. And we found this camera on sale for a fair price. Smaller, fewer batteries, better pictures, more mega pixels, and zoom! Only draw back is that we need a memory stick for it! ( baaa!) It does take 11 pictures without one though. In other news, A mouse chewed through a vacuum hose in our furnace tonight. How do I know? Cause I had to climb under the house and fix it! I'm thankful sometimes that I'm a "man of action" even when I don't know what I'm really doing. I was able to trim the hose and push it back into place without calling the furnace guy or the landlord and wait till morning to get some heat. ( I'm also very thankful that it was something very VERY easy to fix!) So, we did a lot and the shop cats are all showing it! It must be exhausting being a cat, because after an entire day of stepping on seats, shedding on the felt, pushing brushes and felt on the floor, and getting food and pets from the "staff" ( Cheryl and myself), it's time for a nap on Cheryl's sewing table.

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Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I can see that you were pretty busy. Glad you got everything cough up and got a new camera.

I seen the pictures you've taken with it, How many MP is it? Cause they don't look that much better.

They look better, but not by a Whole lot. Them Pictures looks like they were taken with a 3.1MP Camera.

They defiantly look a lot better then the previous Pictures. What kind of lighting do you have for the pictures? That makes all the difference for pictures.

I had a 1.3MP and a 3.1, and I had to have Really Good light for the Pictures to turn out like a 5-8MP Camera.

I have a Nikon D40x 10.2MP SLR Digital Camera with A 4Gig High Speed SD Card. Not for taking my Store pictures lol, but for taking Family Pictures and nature pictures with.

And i got it with insurance money, it was an 850.00 Camera, now they are down to bout 1/2 in price cause the newer models coming.

Anyway, Check the Lighting and all, you will be surprised at how well the pictures turn out, and see if there is a Quality option for Fine. Anything less then fine isn't that good of quality. Means bigger pictures, but get better quality.

Stick the old one on ebay for Parts or something! Get a little money from it. Or give it to the kids if you have any, they will have fun for hrs with it lol.



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