Monday, November 10, 2008

Catch up Sunday

The weekend is almost over and I have totaled 11 seats! I carved up 6 tonight and have 5 set up tomorrow. It's not the best to leave things to pile up on Sunday, but this weekend was kinda messed up with a family event on Saturday. With a little luck the seats should go out tomorrow. I still have to finish the plywood seats and get them ready since all our seats are accounted for now. Cheryl had to order boxes and bubble bags already! I'm hoping things will continue like this through and after Christmas. I feel like the cats on days like this...


Estela said...

OMG!!! That video was hilarious!!!!!
The music went perfectly! That little guy was trying to beat up everyone! I may have to watch it again! I loved it!!

Estela said...

I made riley pull up a chair to watch it!!!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Pretty cool cat Video there. Don't like cats myself, but that was pretty good.

He was an active little booger.



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