Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making new seats.

So on Friday I purchased a sheet of 3/4 inch Baltic plywood and cut it up into workable pieces to begin the custom seat making. It was late so I did not finish it yet but got a chunk of the work done. The need for the seats has become more apparent than ever as we had to go to Grand Rapids and raided three stores and still could not find enough seats for this weekend alone. The Solid wood seat is becoming an endangered species! I still have to cut out two and finish routing around the edge.

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Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Nice looking so far. Can tell you've been busy. I've been busy myself, not selling anything, but making more ornaments.

I'm hoping business will pick up a Little, sold 4 last month and that was it.

Decided to buy some Glitter to add to some of my Ornaments to give them a little bit sparkle to catch an eye or two.

Oh didn't tell you, one of my Snowflake ornaments Made the "Treasury" last night or today. I guess someone thought it was really good work or liked it lots, and it was added to the Christmas ornament Treasury List.



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