Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Job of the Shop Cat

So this weekend we put up the Christmas tree so Cheryl could show off her Christmas tree skirts. She sold one right away so I guess it worked, even without the lights on it.
So I have been busy working on seats this weekend. 11 seats. And My shop cat, Red, has been helping me. Now some of you might be asking...What does a shop cat do? Shop cats are essential parts of the

business. Cats inspect things and make sure things are made properly. Like boxes. Material quality.
Neck warmer. and
Chair warmer.

And he tells you when its break time. He even helps out with Cheryl's shop

This one passes!
As I write this, He is on my lap

causing me great hardship in typing. Cheryl doesn't need much help since she has her own Shop cat.


Estela said...

awww love the shop cat! Especially as a neck warmer!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Mine only serves as an alarm clock! Even if we're not asleep, he loves to pounce and bite the feet and ankles! LOL
Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Sounds like you've been really busy, no wonder I've not seen any post from you on my blog lol.

Was wondering why you've not been around, I've not really seen that many post on your blog until now. So I'm posting to show you I'm still out here and kicking, regardless of my Dog bite lol.

Keep up the good work dude, and check out my Blog sometime, when you aren't real busy, I put Marc's logo up on my Blog, I converted it to a Scroll Saw Pattern and cut it out for him, Now I just got to Ship it to him.



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