Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prototype Tuesday

Only one wood duck seat tonight, So I decided to take a shot at carving up a couple of the plywood seats. I tried to keep the designs simple because I had to make the seats completely. Also, Cheryl suggests that I should try to target the Etsy crowd a little more with modern designs. I have always liked the Asian feel of the bird silhouette on a branch. Specifically a cherry blossom branch. with a little luck, I'll be able to post them on Etsy tomorrow.

Update! I just found a new site to sell my stuff on and want to see if I can set up a shop there. 1000 markets looks very promising! I'll have to blog about it in the future. I read about it on this ladies blog. Spike, peanut, and me she has a shop on it and it totally in love with it. From what I have seen. I like it so far. I'm off to inspect and research some more..


Anonymous said...

Wow. Definitely loving the cherry blossoms! Very nice :)


Love the birds, good luck with 1000 Markets, off to have a look at it! :0)

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


I really like the plywood seats myself over the other ones that you were doing, Don't get me wrong, the other ones was very well done, the carvings anyway, but the seats themselves, Don't know...

Probably the look of the oak or something. but the Baltic Birch you got there, Looks really nice, Sands Nice and Cuts nice and Smooth, so I think you got a Winner there.


I'm gonna check out the site to see what it has also! :)


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