Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The plight of the elongated seat

We sold 12 seats today. That's more like it! Christmas rush is coming. I could only carve up 7 seats tonight because, as is always the problem this time of year, We have run out of seats. So we will once again have to travel to distant places to purchase and stock up on more.

Our main problem is elongated seats. Till now, we have not really offered them for sale. We used to, but our supplier switched up on us with no warning ( see previous posts) Well, one customer has requested 4 seats for her home. So Cheryl and I stumble on a few late last week and Cheryl puts them up for sale. The lady bought them all as well as several other customers. And would you have guessed, all the seats are GONE! ( temporarily, of course, but grrrr!) So we have to travel to distant Holland to get them out before thanksgiving "no mail day" I am hoping that we find them all ( 5 total) at Holland, but I have to be real. Most stores do not Carry more than 4 at a time. I was hoping I could get my own elongated seats up and running before the new year.
In other news, the cats have caught a mouse that was chewing on our furnace gas hose. I have to tell ya. I am not feeling much pity for the mouse. The cats are loving it because it is a toy that does not need batteries. This mouse has been chewing on the small gas hose that causes the ignition sequence for the burner plate. causing the ignition to fail. So we have the furnace set to 70 and it is not getting any warmer in here. I have had to fix the hose several ( three in all) times and the furnce is in a crawlspace under the house! ( can you say duck walk) But today we bought traps and hopefully the cats will finish off the rest.

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Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Good kittys, Good kittys, We got a few mice around here also, but they don't come around unless we are sleeping and the dogs won't catch them cause they can't see them lol.

With the birds in the house, Seed on the floor, good nesting and food for the dogs, along with Dog food, I've already emptied my Traps 2x, haven't seen anymore yet, but don't mean they aren't around.



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