Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Six Seats, No wait...

As usual, we woke up with only two seats and by the time I got home it had become 6! Actually, we sold another one later but could not squeeze it in. I'm thankful for the crazy sales at this time of year. If you had read my august posts, you would see me whining about how few sales I actually had. Now it's like the monsoon season! Also today Cheryl got her pin cushion from Stellabird. Cheryl was totally in love with it and couldn't wait to break it in. She also got a cute little magnet with the package. Cheryl sewed up a custom stocking for one of her Etsy clients, A black cat that loves to catch mice was the ladies guide lines. I think She did pretty good. I told her she now has to make stockings for our three cats. I'm already out of seats, so tomorrow will probably be another seat hunting day. Wish us luck! I think the new camera is working out well! The pictures seem brighter and more detailed. Maybe it's just my impression though.


All Wired Up TOO said...

OH wait MOOSE...on my wishlist! I'll have to post a pcture of my bathroom on my blog!

Jennifer said...

Awesome! Congrats on your sales :-) I am loving the froggy seat that is in your shop :-)

Oh, and yes, after all you described, I can see why the cats need a good nap. It's sleepy work, LOL!

Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Nice Doughnut. Almost good enough to eat.

I had a Glazed Doughnut with coffee this morning. Waiting to head to town to buy some Birch Ply and pay some bills.

So sitting here waiting and also waiting for my new #1 FD-TC Blades to come in, so I can retry my Creation.

It will be on my Blog soon.

Probably gonna order some Free Business Cards from www.vistaprint.com, only pay shipping so I can hand out to friends and family.


Estela said...

I'm so happy she loves the donut!!
I love the stocking! Very cute!

Christina Silverio said...

Oooo, I love the leaves!
And Stelabird has great items! Hoping to get a Yeti ornament this Christmas. :)


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