Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gathering and carving seats.

Carved up the seats tonight, will paint them tomorrow. While going to Grandville, we hit the World Store. It's like Pier One Imports only better. They have stuff from around the globe. coffee, tea, wine, soap and furniture. And they play the coolest music there. You can totally get surrounded in some culture. Being a Traveler myself, I love experiencing new places. So we bought some soap, exotic Chocolates, and a couple of cat toys. You can see the Toucan seat being carved up here. It's an older video, but it shows you a little on what carving a seat involves.

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Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...


Good evening. Glad to see things are turning around for you. Sorry for not Commenting sooner, been working on some newer projects for the store.

And a few other things, thought my Furnace went out, come to find out, Betty's sister was messing with the Thermostat.

First she turned it down to 69. Then she flicked the Switch to Cool and we didn't know it. Well needless to say we was out of heat for 2 days, got chilly at night.

Figured it out today that she flicked the switch. Oh we were so grateful that the furnace didn't go out cause we don't have the money to get it fixed.

Well I got to finish up this project, then I'm hitting the sack, 6.30 comes early to get the boy up for school and out the door at 7.30.



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