Monday, November 12, 2012

Broken Blade Anime! Totally Awesome Action!

  Ever want to see one of those animes that have a healthy dose of reality?   You know the type,  where gravity and limits play  an important role.   Not too much mind you!   Just enough to keep it grounded.   Broken Blade ( or break blade as it could also be translated)   is just that type of Anime.   First off,   it would not be an Anime if it did not have a bit of magic or advanced science in it that is out there in the fantasy fiction realm.   However,   It also has these limiting factors, such as human endurance,   ammo depletion, and death.   People die in this Anime, war...that is what people do!   The harsh reality is that good people die and sometimes for no good reason.   I'll spare you the in depth analyses or description of the anime,   I'll just suggest that you watch it.   YOU MUST!   It is way too cool for those of us who are science fiction,  action  fans.   Watch it here!

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