Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Stockings! More Names!

Hiro looks just like I feel right now
Names are done and drying
This is becoming a challenge to keep my energy up enough to blog...and not forget to take pics of the days stocking orders as they come in.  Regardless,  things are going well and stockings sales continue to come in.  It seems that the names are becoming  a big hit lately!   I have been busy putting names on them and that tends to hold up the orders an hour or two.  No worries.   It's a good thing that we id all those stockings this summer ( I should day we sewed up hardly any while at that job)   Wee are still working on replacing a few of them as we can.
Isn't he CUTE...And very popular
Red Black Bear was Stocking of the day
we received another stash of felt yesterday along with some other much needed supplies.  The only thing now is trying to figure out what design is low and replenishing it.  Well,  best to keep this one short.   Perhaps there will be more tomorrow.   BTW   Some really great Animes I can't wait to mention.  I'll write about them when I have more time. 

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